Religious Education is a core subject at Christ Church School where pupils are taught about and learn from the Christian faith from the Early Years. Other faiths are introduced during key stage 2 to provide pupils with knowledge and awareness of the beliefs and practices of other major religions. Our school uses the Scheme of Work recommended by the London Diocese and the lessons learnt are also often integrated into other areas of the curriculum.

Children are taught through a range of activities designed to promote questions of belief and value. We encourage the children to share their beliefs within their classes and regularly invite parents of the other major religions to do the same. Each class keeps a big book that acts as a record keeper to showcase learning in Religious Education. Events such as RE Week (held in the spring term), as well as regular visits to our local church and other places of worship, ensure that pupils can enjoy first hand experiences of religious practice.

As a Church of England school there are daily acts of Christian worship, including regular church services, which all children are expected to attend.

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