Robots Revealed!

Robots Revealed!

Some of Y6 have been busy building their own robots as part of a robot challenge and last week they were all brought in to school to be displayed in the Y6 classroom. They used many different materials and power sources and they all looked amazing! All of the children who participated received a special certificate acknowledging their efforts. Well done to all of them and a big “thank you” to the parents who were also involved in the construction.

Dekrissh used hydraulics to lift his figure
Christopher used an electrical circuit to power his motor
Maya used and electrical circuit to light up the eyes
Taiga linked his own hand to move an extended hand
Oliver’s robot also used electrically controlled lights
Kathleen, Isla, Dora and Sadie joined forces to create Sherlock’s Home complete with pipe at the window!
Melanie’s sparkly robot whizzed around
Fayina’s robot used hydraulics to move in 4 different ways
Kenzo’s robot used a combination of electricity and cams to make it walk!