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Christ Church Science Fair

For science week 2020, Christ Church Primary school held a science fair! It took place over 3 days and was a huge success. Pupils across the school either independently or in a small group to come up with an original scientific question to investigate. The pupils then carried out their investigations and research over...

Year 4 visit to the London Transport Museum

We had a fantastic day learning about the history of the London Underground.

Rocky Road Y3

Year 3 adapted a recipe for rocky road to make it healthier, edited the recipe using division to work out how much of each ingredient they would need and then headed off to the bungalow to make their sweet treat!

Rocks, Soils & Fossils Y3

Year 3 had a fantastic day over at the Environmental Centre. Some of the activities we did included indentifying and classifying rocks, we looked at fossils from over 550 million years ago, saw a mini volcanic eruption and made our own fossils using clay. Here are some photos of our day out. I hope...


Year Six have been inspired to write their poetry based on the anthology Dark Sky Park. We have looked at the poetic terms and devices used and applied these to our own work. It has been fantastic to see their creativity.

Robots Revealed!

Some of Y6 have been busy building their own robots as part of a robot challenge and last week they were all brought in to school to be displayed in the Y6 classroom. They used many different materials and power sources and they all looked amazing! All of the children who participated received a...