Christ Church Science Fair

Christ Church Science Fair

For science week 2020, Christ Church Primary school held a science fair! It took place over 3 days and was a huge success.

Pupils across the school either independently or in a small group to come up with an original scientific question to investigate. The pupils then carried out their investigations and research over half term. The pupils then showcased their projects to the rest of the school.

The Fair was a phenomenal success. It was amazing to see how much thought, effort and scientific thinking had gone into the projects. In addition, the projects were beautifully presented and the children were able to present, discuss and answer questions about their project very articulately using scientific vocabulary.

Not only were staff hugely impressed, the pupils viewing the experiments enjoyed it too! Pupils from Reception to Year 6 were invited to the experience; one child commented ‘It makes me think science is exciting because it makes me think there are loads of things you can do in science from making stuff erupt to testing friction’- Year 5.