Vision and Values

Our Vision

At Christ Church CE Primary School we will serve our community by:

  • Pursuing excellence in learning.
  • Promoting individuals to flourish and fulfil their potential and celebrating that there is something wonderful and unique in everyone of us.
  • Providing a caring, supportive, stimulating and fully inclusive environment where each child feels safe, is happy and enjoys school.
  • Practising respect, consideration and appreciation for one another; we will encourage an awareness of moral values, empathy, respect, and positive behaviour towards all.
  • Preparing and equipping pupils for lifelong learning. We will value everyone as an individual and encourage high aspirations and self worth by nurturing, motivating and encouraging creative thinking.

All rooted and inspired by Christian belief and practice.

Our Values.

As a Christian school we aspire to live out all that it means to serve God through our Christian Values. Our six values are the foundation on which we build our school, setting our ethos and explicit in all we do.

Service. Respect and Reverence. Wisdom. Compassion. Trust and Cooperation.  Perseverance.