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Brilliant Bodies Y1

Our topic in Year 1 is called Brilliant Bodies. We have been learning about how to stay healthy and which foods are good for us. To enhance our learning we wrote recipes and shopping lists for the ingredients we would like to put in to a healthy smoothie. Last Friday we then made the smoothies …


More Cracking News

On Sunday we were joined by two more chicks.  


Cracking News

This afternoon, we saw the first crack in one of the chicken eggs followed by quiet chirping!


To the Rescue

Topic: To the Rescue Year 1 worked in small teams to design and create their own boat. The boat had to stay afloat whilst being blown from one side of the water tray to the other, by the team members!   They all succeeded and had great fun.    


Capel Manor visit

To conclude our topic called The Potting Shed, Year 1 went on a trip to the beautiful gardens at Capel Manor. We had a lovely day looking at the different plants that are grown at Capel Manor and we spent lots of time sharing our learning from school, about the growth of plants. We also …


Owls visit Christ Church

On Monday, we were lucky to have five owls visit the school.  The children learnt about the different owls and watched them fly.


Visitors to our Assembly from Aldenham Country Park

Today we had visitors from Aldenham Country Park to talk to us about the chicken eggs that we will be incubating in the bungalow.  We will keep you updated with their progress .


Pollution Solution Workshop

  Today Year 5 had visitors who taught us all about pollution and what we can do to make the Earth less polluted in years to come. We took part in a drama quiz show and got to get involved in lots of role-play. It was great fun as you can see from the pictures.


Electricity Homework in Action

Year 4 created games, comics and posters based on electricity. We learnt new rules, discussed ideas and tested the games we made.


The Governors visited Y4 science lesson

We  were visited by the governors yesterday and they enjoyed learning about Electricity investigations in a Year  4. We enjoyed sharing our learning with them.

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