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RE Week Values Workshop


Learning about the Parable of the Sower

Y1 did some great acting out of this story today which Jesus told his followers and which is recorded in Matthew 13:1-24. Can you work out which group was the birds eating the seed which fell on the path, which was the seeds starting to grow but then being prevented from doing so by the …


Operation Christmas Child

This morning we sent 136 shoe boxes off to Operation Christmas Child! Thank you so much to all of you who participated in this great cause.Charlie, Zoe, Nikita and Molly helped to load them all into the collector’s car and the boxes are now on their way. Mrs Goodwin will track her box and let …


Our New Tree!

  Today Gianni and Nikita helped Mr Crocker to plant a rowan tree in Jack’s Garden which has been donated to the school as part of the “Trees for Sacred Places” project. We are hoping to buy a bench to go around the tree so that children can sit and have a quiet thinking place …


Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes

Just a reminder that the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child will be collected on 18th November. I reminded the children in assembly on Wednesday and showed them mine so far as well as asking them what more I could add and what I shouldn’t put in! Last year we sent off 120 boxes and it …


Harvest gifts

Y6 went to Leathersellers Court today with Harvest gifts from the Harvest Service to deliver to the residents there. They were much appreciated. Thank you. “It was really nice to meet the residents” (Vikram)


Harvest Festival 2017

Thank you all so much for your generous donations.


NATRE survey on BBC news

A report from NATRE (the National Association of teachers of RE) was on the BBC Breakfast news on Saturday. Sadly over a quarter of secondary schools are not teaching RE, despite it being a legal requirement. As a church school RE is a core subject and as such is taught weekly. Fiona Moss from NATRE …


Welcome to our new vicar

We are very pleased to welcome our new vicar, Andy Rimmer, who was inducted at Christchurch last Wednesday. He is really looking forward to meeting all of the school community. Some facts about Andy…. Born in Oxford, UK  Married to Mary with 4 kids (er grown-ups!) Becca (26), James (24), Chris (22), David (18)  Been …


Trust and Co-operation

Our value this month is Trust and Co-operation. Some of the girls in year 3 made a role play to convey their understanding of this value, they performed their role play for the school in assembly this morning.

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