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Vitality Westminster Mile

On Sunday 26th May, eight of our Year 5 children (plus one former pupil!) and Mrs Saruhashi took part in the Vitality Westminster Mile outside Buckingham Palace along with 9,000 people of all ages and abilities. The Christ Church children were representing the London Borough of Barnet Schools, joining other 34 schools from 31 Boroughs …


Open Day 6th July 2018 Class Dances

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Vitality Westminster Daily Mile Run 27th May

Nine Y5 children from Christ Church School were invited again this year to take part in Vitality Westminster Daily Mile Run on Sunday 27th May.  We represented the London Borough of Barnet along with the other schools from every London borough.  We ran up The Mall, through St James’ park, then finished right next to the …


Morris Dancing in Year 4

  Last Tuesday Year 4 learnt about the toys used in the Victorian Times. They then learnt a Morris dance and then used the May Pole.