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The Primary Challenge Day at Queen Elizabeth’s School

Four Y5 children were invited to take part in the Primary Challenge Day at Queen Elizabeth ‘s school to compete against 11 other primary schools in Barnet. The team had to work through four different challenges in English and Maths.  The first was to produce a humorous limerick poem based on some pictures provided.  The …


Year 4 Puzzle Day

We have had a great day of working through maths puzzles. We solved sudoku puzzles, tangrams and identifying cube nets in the class. Then we tried lots of different puzzles in our workshop which was carried out by the Puzzle Company. We had to work as a team, take turns and use mathematical reasoning to …


Maths Puzzle Workshop

The Happy Puzzle company visited Christ Church Primary School today. Year 3 enjoyed the morning working on puzzles in teams that supported their maths problem solving skills.


Puzzle Day Year 5 and 6


Shapes in Y1

This week in Maths we have been learning about 2D shapes. We have worked towards identifying common 2D shapes and their features, including how many sides and corners they have. The shapes we have been learning about this week include triangles, rectangles, squares AND pentagons! Today to start our lesson we played ‘Guess the Shape’. …


Maths in Y3

Today in maths Y3 used 3 stages to solve different addition number sentences- the children began by using a variety of practical equipment such as numicon, base 10, multi link cubes and cuisenaire rods, to show their thinking and find answers. The next stage was to draw their working out through pictures and diagrams and finally …


Daily 1km run Statistics

In Assembly a few children calculated how far we have run by completing our daily 1km run in each class.  The statistics are quite amazing. Click on the link  to view the presentation.


Number Day



Useful websites and links for maths at home

Here is a list of useful websites for maths learning at home: Royal institute free masterclass resources. Oxford Owl maths games. Inspiring math success for all students through growth mindsets and innovative tasks. A fantastic site! A wealth of games and activities organised by curriculum area, i.e. shape and space. …