Roman Day Y3

Year 3 had a fantastic day in role as Romans on Thursday. The outfits were amazing and the children engaged well with all of the activities throughout the day. They enjoyed making mosaics, clay pots and good luck charms and learning about other jobs Romans had to complete many years ago. In the afternoon they …


May Pole Dancing Y3


Florence Nightingale

Years 1-4 enjoyed a workshop with ‘Florence Nightingale’ today. They learnt about her life in the Victorian time, her nursing career and her achievements that are still recognised today.


Y3 visit the Environment Centre

Here is what Year 3 have said about their trip this week “We learnt about soil. We know that they are made out of worm poo, rotten bark and decayed leaves.” “We saw a reconstruction of how a volcano erupts. Whilst we were waiting, we spoke about Yellowstone in America. It is a volcano that …


Warburton’s visit Year 3

Here’s what Year 3 have to say about their afternoon learning more about healthy, balanced diets and making sandwiches with our visitors from Warburton’s: “I liked the visit from Warburton’s because they taught us how to make our diets more healthy and showed us good sandwich fillings to use.” “We had to wear a blue …


Chiltern Open Air Museum

Here are some pictures of Year 3’s day out at Chiltern Open Air Museum. In the morning we took part in an Iron Age workshop. We were set jobs in an Iron Age house which included grinding grains, baking bread and making clay pots. After lunch we had a Stone Age workshop. The children enjoyed …


Brilliant Bodies Y1

Our topic in Year 1 is called Brilliant Bodies. We have been learning about how to stay healthy and which foods are good for us. To enhance our learning we wrote recipes and shopping lists for the ingredients we would like to put in to a healthy smoothie. Last Friday we then made the smoothies …